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Virtual math instruction for all ages! Student spending too much time on independent math? Meet virtually with a personal math instructor. 

  • Elementary Math 

  • Middle School Math

  • High School Math:

                   - Algebra I

                   - Algebra II

                   - Geometry

                   - Advanced Math

                   - College Algebra

  • ACT Math Prep


Does your child need help in math? What are the signs my child needs help?


1. Your child is not keeping up with math assignments and you have no time to help or can’t remember your own math classes.


2. Your child is further ahead than the course schedule.


3. Your child needs help, but your schedules are too hectic to arrange the same time every day or week.


4. Your child has reached a certain plateau and things are still not sticking.


5. Your child does not like to admit he or she needs help.


6. Your child has a unique learning style.



Choose an easy and convenient solution for math tutoring!


1. Students schedule a time suitable for the family.


2. Students take pictures of their homework send to me so I can prepare a lesson.


3. I send a link to an online platform to start the tutoring session.


4. Email feedback for the parents after the session. 


5. Flexible rates based on the grade and subject. 



Knoxville, Tennessee | 865-805-8818

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